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Build strength or size, condition your muscles, improve posture and more. Our extensive free weights area has everything you need.

What's inside

We offer 3 different types of resistance equipment at easyGym and have several machines for each muscle group, so you can work out your upper body, lower body and core!


Fixed pin Machines

Super easy to use, we have several machines for each body part. They are built to target the isolated areas you want to work on – identified by clear diagrams on the machines. You can also scan a QR code for a quick demo.

Plate Loaded

feel safe to go as heavy as you can without needing anyone to assist you! These machines allow you to exercise multiple muscle groups, especially when used to do isometric training (which is when you hold a position). Plate loaded kit also promotes iso-lateral training, so you can work the right & left sides of your body independently and equally – meaning that any imbalances in the body’s strength and posture can be evened out.


You’ll find an extensive range of cable machines at easyGym, which are brilliant to use for Functional Training. They give you more freedom to do a much wider variety of exercises, and a good training regime is all about variety, so these hit the nail on the head when it comes to keeping you motivated!


the Kinesis system uses different points of contact and handles to challenge your body in all three planes. The ropes and handles all move in large ranges of motion making the exercise options endless!