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Functional Training

Functional training helps provide you with real everyday strength, power and endurance while improving overall balance, core stability and flexibility to make you feel like a super human.

What's inside

A playground for gym lovers – our Freedom Zone is home to all the latest and greatest fitness toys for you to play with. When you’re done working there’s plenty of space to stretch those tender muscles.

Functional Training


Turn. Twist. Throw. Crunch. balance.
Swiss balls, medicine balls, slam balls, and bosu balls are available in most of our clubs!


Create momentum with:
ViPR, Bulgarian bags, Core bags, kettle bells.

power plate

These machines vibrate in three different directions. These tiny movements put the body out of balance. To correct this imbalance, the muscles unconsciously make very rapid reflex contractions. We have the most advanced Power plate at easygym – the pro 7, which includes dynamic cables and a touch screen for coaching tips and exercise videos.

*Available in select clubs


Developed by the American Navy SEALs, TRX bodyweight exercises develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability by utilising gravity and your body weight to complete hundreds of exercises.


the Kinesis system uses different points of contact and handles to challenge your body in all three planes. The ropes and handles all move in large ranges of motion making the exercise options endless!

*Available in select clubs

The list goes on...

Plyo boxes, frames, sand bags, battleropes, resistance bands, foam rollers, pads & mitts*

*availability may vary due to COVID-19 restrictions

Space to sTRETCH

Regular stretching will help increase flexibility & range of motion. It also helps to avoid injury & corrects posture, along with reducing workout aches by increasing blood & nutrient supply to muscles.