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Free Weights

The body is comprised of muscles that help us push and pull, you have to work them all to maximise strength. Using free weights can help you build size, along with increasing your metabolic rate, bone density and joint function.

What's inside

Strength training is one of the top fitness trends – so we’ve embraced it & dedicated an impressive free weights gym space to give you enough room to press, squat and lift with ease! We also duplicate popular kit such as our smith machines and squat racks, so that you won’t be waiting around!

Free Weights

Barbells and Dumbbells

Whether you are working on your size, strength, power or endurance we have a huge range of free weight bars, dumbbells and plates to target each muscle group. The majority of our gyms also have lifting platforms for powerlifting moves.

Plate loaded machines

feel safe to go as heavy as you can without needing anyone to assist you! These machines allow you to exercise multiple muscle groups, especially when used to do isometric training (which is when you hold a position). Plate loaded kit also promotes iso-lateral training, so you can work the right & left sides of your body independently and equally – meaning that any imbalances in the body’s strength and posture can be evened out.


The cornerstone to all strength training equipment at the gym is the bench – and we have an epic amount of them! Our incline, decline, flat & adjustable benches can be used with free weight barbells, dumbbells, racks, cages & smith machines.

Smith Machines

This machine—which looks like a squat rack with a built-in bar that runs on guides allowing vertical movement without the risk that comes from holding a heavy barbell. The bar can easily be secured at any point during the movement.

Squat Racks and Cages

Squat Racks and Cages play an important role for strength and power training. They allow users to feel safe enough to use heavy weight and push their work out to the next level.