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Get fit faster

Get your heart racing, burn through fat and build up total body fitness with our
immense range of cardio machines.

What's inside

We’ve got a truly epic range of cardio machines designed to help you lose weight and get fantastic results while enjoying every minute. Cardio will make your heart and lungs strong, help lower blood pressure, increase metabolism and energy levels!



From browsing the web on an incline power walk to maxing out your heart rate on HIIT sprints – we’ve got plenty of awesome treads that have loads of pre-designed programmes for your to choose from!

Adaptive Motion Trainers (AMT)

Take cardio training to a whole new level with AMT machines. You can spontaneously change between short to long strides, walking to running, and climbing to lunging.


Our bikes work out a lot more than just your leg muscles, with proper form you’ll actively engage muscles across your body. Try the 6 second power test on our Wattbikes or get spinning to get your endorphins flowing.*

*not available in all locations

Cross Trainers

A true total-body workout. We have two types of cross trainers, offering ramp inclines from 13 to 40 degrees allowing you to target different muscle groups.


Knees, hips, arms and shoulders will each see 90 – 130 degrees of rotation in every stroke – building both flexibility and strength while burning truck loads of calories!


Make your workout more interesting with Preva Media. In clubs with Preva Media, you can access up to 80 live TV channels, browse the internet and track your workout progress using the touchscreen. Learn more about Preva Media.