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Set To Sweat

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Set To Sweat?

Set to Sweat is a free 12 week fitness programme professionally developed by easyGym. Created with beginners in mind, it will teach you how to establish a routine, fix up your nutrition, track your progress and level up your efforts in the gym. But most importantly, it will equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to lead an active, healthy lifestyle long after you’ve completed the programme.

Forming a habit
(Weeks 1-4)

The first four weeks are all about building a base level of fitness and discovering what you enjoy the most. You’ll learn a variety of different movements and begin to track and develop your routine.

Week 1 Basic Weights
Week 2 Heavier Weights & Cardio
Week 3 Heavier Weights & HIIT
Week 4 Increased Volume & Choice of Cardio

The next level
(Weeks 5-8)

Throughout the second stage you’ll learn more movements, develop your strength and really start to increase your overall fitness.

Week 5 Complex Movements
Week 6 Increased Weight on Complex Movements
Week 7 Reduced Repetitions for Lifts
Week 8 Increased Weight on Complex Movements

Mixing Things Up
(Weeks 9-12)

As you progress through the final stage, you’ll start experimenting with a variety of different training options. Your strength will continue to develop and so will your overall fitness.

Week 9 Straight Sets & HIIT      
Week 10 Supersets
Week 11 Heavier Circuits
Week 12 Lighter Circuits
"Working with easyGym on Set To Sweat has been an amazing experience. It's really important to encourage more women to start lifting weights and guides like this are essential in removing the fear and misplaced stigma around the activity. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of something like this.”

- Flora Beverley