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No contract. Unbelievable value gym memberships


No Contract

All of our gyms are no contract meaning you are not tied in if your circumstances change. Cancelling a gym membership is just as easy as joining. You can find out how to cancel here.


If you have never been a gym member before or would like a bit of support we recommend booking a free induction in the member zone. However, they are not compulsory so if you are a confident gym user you’ll be able to get stuck in straight away – everything you need will be on your welcome email.


£1.99 per month – and free for your first month!

Personalising your workout begins with a touch! You can browse with Google, answer emails, check Facebook, read the news or catch up on your fave TV shows! Find out more about Preva Media here.


We offer FREE group training – PACK45 – to give you the opportunity to work out with an elite trainer each time you visit the gym.