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Getting Physically and Financially Fit for Your 2019 Wedding

Planning and prepping for the big day can be a stressful period, especially with the mounting pressures of a tight budget and ambitious fitness goals. That’s why, in today’s post, the budgeting experts over at Jolly Good Loans are offering a helping hand, showing you how to get physically and financially fit while planning your wedding, ensuring you realise the wedding of your dreams.


Whether you’re a bride to be looking to drop a dress size or a groom in the making hoping to bulk before the big day, your fitness goals are determined by your activity in the kitchen. So look to make healthier and more nutritious meal choices day to day, and you’ll find that not only will you start making surprisingly significant steps towards your fitness target, but you’ll do it while saving money in the process.

The absolute golden rule to a cheap and healthy wedding diet is to always, always cook at home. Waving goodbye to takeaways for a few months will not only have you looking and feeling great, but it will save a shocking number of pennies that can be better put towards your special day.

Furthermore, plan your weekly meals on a Sunday night to avoid impulsive hunger binging, ensuring you cover a range of healthy food groups from meal to meal. If you’re struggling for some ideas, check out the nutrition section of the easyGym blog right here.


As amazing as your big day will undoubtedly be, it’s no secret that actually planning your wedding can be incredibly stressful. When you can, look to get out of the house and take a walk around some local scenery.

There’s plenty of medical benefits to walking, including the proven ability to counteract stress. As such, looking to take a walk once a day can really help keep you composed during all the chaos of wedding planning, and may even help inspire some decor choices or thematic ideas in the process.

And if that wasn’t enough, walking is also a very beneficial cardiovascular activity with an array of subsequent health benefits. Oh, and to round it all off – it’s free!


Of course, to really start making significant progress towards your fitness goals, your best friend is the gym. But that doesn’t have to mean unaffordable memberships and exclusive classes… On the contrary, easyGym offer unrestricted access to their gyms from as little as £12.99 a month, including free group training classes and premium gym equipment – all without having to sign a contract. Look to attend as much as possible, being realistic in your fitness goals and result expectations all the while.

Sign up here to ensure you’re looking your best, without having to break the bank, come your big day.

Achieving a dream wedding where you look your best and stick to a budget doesn’t have to be a fantasy, as this article proves! So get actioning these tips today to ensure the big day is nothing short of perfect.

Author bio:
Keith Harrison is a content creator and writer for Jolly Good Loans – your online personal loans encyclopedia.



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