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Workout For Water - Les Mills & UNICEF

workout for water

We often take clean drinking water for granted. It’s always there when we need it – in bottles at the shops, unlimited in restaurants, at the end of our taps at home, even at the water fountain in our gym.

After all, clean drinking water is a fundamental human right, so it feels natural to have access to it whenever we want.

Yet 2.1 billion people still don’t have access to it.

On 18 November, we’re taking part in a life-changing event called Workout for Water, created by Les Mills in partnership with UNICEF. This event is the first of its kind – a global fitness fundraiser for the charity UNICEF to help build clean water pumps for vulnerable communities in East Africa.

It costs just over £300 to install a clean-water pump, which will allow a whole community to get consistent access to clean drinking water. All proceeds from the event will go to UNICEF, where they will then use the funds to build pumps in these communities.

So, when you’re working out on 18 November, you’ll be changing lives. We’re counting on you to help us support this life-changing cause.

If you’d like to help us and your instructors raise money, our official fundraising pages are below:

easyGym West Croydon Fundraising Page
Register here to get your Free Pass to access the Workout For Water classes on the 18th November, free for all members and non-members. All we ask in return is a donation to go towards the charity.

easyGym Cardiff Fundraising Page

Help save lives and #WorkoutForWater.

workout for water



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