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Women's Lower Body Workout

women's lower body workout

Due to hormonal differences, women tend to store more fat in their lower body then men. Because of this, the lower body is often an area of concern and focus for women. Even though this is genetically determined, if muscle mass is increased, then metabolic rate will increase too and in turn more fat will be burned. When you gain an improved muscle to fat ratio in the legs, you’ll notice they’ll feel much firmer to the touch.

The below workout is excellent for toning up and shaping your lower body.


4 Sets
8 Reps
2 mins Rest

Squats are considered the king of lower body movements – and I agree! Many people shy away from them (mostly men) because they’re so challenging and holding all that weight on your shoulders is an intimidating feeling. But with risk comes great reward. An excellent pair of sculpted legs can be made or missed by your decision to include squats in your workout.


3 Sets
10 each leg Reps
60s Rest

Compared to squats, walking lunges are a more comfortable way of to work your legs as you get a little break between each rep. By using a split stance the stimulus changes with each step, which means your hamstring, quads and glutes will all be worked when performing walking lunges. As always try to add more weight each week for best results.


3 Sets
15 Reps
60s Rest

If a well defined set of legs is your goal then hamstring development is key. Many women associate chunky thighs with what they see in the mirror – the quads – but turn side on or from behind and more muscle here is often coveted. Thicker hamstrings create a more athletic look and should be focused on during a lower body session.


2 Sets
20 Reps
45s Rest

Jump squats are the perfect finisher as they require you to use different muscle fibres than those used for heavier lifting. For some this will generate more muscle growth (think of a sprinter, pencil legs are often not found on the 100m start line, Usain Bolt not included, but he is 6’5!) This will also pump more blood into your legs – giving you that full, pumped feeling and is a good way for more advanced trainers to really push themselves to the max using high reps!

women's lower body workout



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