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Why You Need a Nutrition Plan

why you need a nutrition plan

As the saying goes – what gets measured gets managed!

You need to think of a nutrition plan like a map – a map to your chosen destination. Whether your destination is weight loss or muscle gain doesn’t matter, you still need a ‘map’ to guide you there.

Now, if you’ve been to your destination many times before the chances are you’ve figured out the route, remembered it and can re-walk it pretty easily. But if you’ve never been there before you need to plan your journey. Think Google Maps (planning the diet yourself) or a sat nav (having a coach guide you along each stage.)

There’ll always be roadblocks along the way, which means you’ll have to take an alternative route or slow down a little, but the main objective remains the same – get to your destination.

Trying to lose weight or gain muscle without a nutrition plan is like stepping out of your house without a map and walking to the North Pole. You might get there – in the end – but it won’t be easy and is far from practical.


By making and following a nutrition plan you’re able to easily track your progress and make adjustments where necessary. If your calorie intake and macronutrient profile changes from day to day then it is very hard to adjust.

For example, if my fat loss progress has stalled and I’m eating 2300 calories on a Monday, 1800 calories on a Tuesday, 2000 calories on a Wednesday, 1700 calories on a Thursday etc then it would be very hard for me to get an average calorie intake and shave 200-400 calories from it.

Eating a regular 2000 calories a day throughout the entire week would be a much better way to go about things.

Your macronutrient breakdown must be taken into consideration too as this also needs to be consistent.

There are 4 calories in both a gram of protein and a gram of carbohydrates. Fat has 9 calories per gram. So if the 2000 calories you eat on a Monday is predominantly made from fats and protein but Tuesday’s calories are mostly carbohydrates, then your diet is completely different on each day.


If your diet isn’t getting you closer to your goal then adjustments need to be made, but if you haven’t tracked or managed your food then this is impossible – you’re literally peeing in the wind.

Having no nutrition plan is almost as bad as having no training plan (please tell me you have a training plan!)

If you’re happy how you are then eat what you want and train how you want BUT if you’re looking to improve your physique and overall fitness then you need to remove the guesswork and get serious.

Calculate your baseline calorie requirements and go from there, whether that’s adding calories to build muscle mass or cutting calories to get leaner. There’re loads of macro calculators online that you can use to calculate your totals, just make sure you track them!



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