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What's Your Body Type? (And Why It Matters)

what's my body type

Figuring out what body type you are is very important as it’s your body type that dictates how you should train and what you should eat. It’s crucial to figure this out before you embark on a training regime because it’ll lead to better and quicker results. Who doesn’t want that?

Body types are broken down into three main categories. Your body will most likely fall into one of these three, but keep in mind body type combinations can also occur.


Ectomorphs tend to be lean, long and have difficulty building up muscle. Think of people like Keira Knightley and Mr Bean.

Endomorphs tend to be high in body fat, are often pear-shaped and gain weight easily. Think of people like Adele and James Corden.

Mesomorphs tend to be muscular, well-built and have a high metabolism with responsive muscle cells. They’re natural sports people. Think Jess Ennis and Hugh Jackman.

As I said before, people can be a combination of body types. For example, you may be 80% endomorph and 20% mesomorph, which means you’ll gain muscle easily but also gain fat too.

Now let’s break down these body types and discuss how each one should train and eat.

  • FOOD
    Ectomorphs tend to work well with high carb, moderate protein and lower fat (55%/25%/20%)
    An ectomorphs physique lends itself to more endurance sports (marathon runners, triathletes). If this doesn’t float your boat and you’d like to add some muscle to your frame then train using compound lifts in the 8-12 range with plenty of volume. Get in and out like the SAS, 3-4 weight training sessions per week with minimal cardio if adding lean muscle is your main priority.

  • FOOD
    A higher fat option for the Endos – 40% fat, 35% protein and 25% carbs. Endomorphs tend to not work well with carbs, so protein and fats should be your go to energy source.
    Again, high volume in the 8-15 range but added cardio throughout the week. Two sessions of steady state cardio to burn and keep off that pesky body fat is required.

  • FOOD
    A more balanced level of macronutrients for you guys. 40% protein, 30% carbs and 30% fats.
    Mesomorphs are natural athletes, which means they can pretty much do what they like. These are the kids at school who had 6 packs at 14 years old and excelled at all sports! Again, mainly compound lifts, sticking around the 6-8 rep mark.


Your body type certainly shouldn’t limit you and don’t use it as an excuse not to improve. Yes, if you are a natural endomorph with thick wrists and a blocky waist you are not going to get the Brad Pitt fight club look but you can still obtain an impressive physique with the correct nutrition, training, consistency and hard work.




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