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The Ultimate Full-Body ViPR Workout

First things first, what exactly is a ViPR? The ViPR is an all-purpose fitness tool originally designed to improve the strength and fitness of children for sports. The aim was to train children in three dimensional movements while carrying load – something young athletes were only good at if they’d come from farm work – and improve their long term ability in field sports.

Despite these humble beginnings, it quickly became obvious the ViPR was a great tool for improving fitness and movement quality in adults too.

The equipment itself is a hollow rubber log with five separate handles and open ends – which makes the ViPR a very versatile piece of kit. From core burning rotation exercises to something as simple as a press from the floor – this piece of equipment offers plenty of different ways to train your movement and hit those hard-to-reach muscles.

The ViPR aims to simulate the difficult, body toning effects of hard farm work in gyms all over the country. You might not be able to sling hay in your local gym, but you can train that same pattern without the mess!


The ViPR comes in a range of sizes and weights from 4 to 20kg. The placement of different handles on this thick, almost indestructible weighted cylinder make it suitable for a wide variety of exercises and training methods.

Four of the handles are designed to replicate the kind of movements seen with strongman logs. This is a great way to incorporate new training methods into your fitness routine. The handle on the ‘back’ also allows for movements like swings, pull-throughs and single arm rows.

This focus on movement is one of the most important things about the ViPR – it’s sold as a “loaded movement training device”. This means you can now perform important functional movements with the option to add weight in a natural and efficient way – all with one piece of equipment.


The point of ViPR is to work your body in three dimensions. This means training the deep core muscles you’ve been missing, stabilising your joints and toning – all while you learn to move more effectively.

This isn’t the same as doing squats or rows – it’s about moving in all directions and training your body to be stronger and more efficient in things like the crawl, the swing and rotation. These are all missing from most people’s workouts!

One of the biggest benefits of using a ViPR is the huge potential for diagonal, across-the-body movements. Twisting movements that combine the hips and core will teach you to move with force and are great for training power movements, whether that’s throwing a baseball or a rugby ball – these movements are great for whole-body power and coordination.

If you’re looking for truly functional fitness, these are the kind of movements you’ll benefit from the most. They train everything from core strength to balance and – with heavier ViPR implements – plenty of strength!


The ViPR is a fantastic conditioning tool – adding resistance to your movement is a great way to make it harder and ensure you’re making progress.

Specifically built to be lightweight and more manageable than barbells or logs, the ViPR makes a great accompaniment to conditioning exercises. Being almost indestructible, you can use it for everything from burpees to flips, without worrying about it breaking.

It’s also a great way to get the most bang for your buck if you’re finishing off a weight training session. If your focus is strength, power and a rock solid core, then the ViPR is a great choice – specialising in weighted core movements for reps.


Adding a ViPR HIIT session to the end of your weight training is a great way to keep it specific, build those neglected stabiliser muscles and burn fat.

The ViPR is perfectly designed for high intensity interval training. There’s an old strongman idea that you should “get strong with barbells and get fit with implements”. This implement is exactly that – a weighted object that challenges you to move in unusual, neglected ways and can be used for all kinds of training goals.

From the 4kg to the 20kg version, this implement was designed to be paired with key conditioning movements like lunges, swings, crawls and all kinds of badass core work. Combining the ViPR with these fundamental human movements is a great way of building endurance and toning.


If you’re looking to get started with the ViPR there are plenty of great exercises to choose from and a qualified, knowledgeable trainer will always be around to help you out. You can find many of these exercises in the ViPR exercise library.

However, if you’re following your own routine or you just want to try it out, here’s a great full-body ViPR beginner workout to show off what this exciting new implement is capable of in only 45 minutes.


  • ViPR Muscle Snatch: 5 rounds – 30 seconds for maximum reps (30s rest)
  • Reverse Lunge + Press: 5 rounds – 40 seconds for maximum reps (20s rest)
  • Jump Squats: 5 rounds – 20 seconds for maximum reps (20s rest)
  • Cylinder lift + Clean + Thruster: 5 rounds – 30 seconds for maximum reps (30s rest)

This is a great full-body workout, but you can specialise for any goal. For example, you can use the exercise library to build your own ViPR upper body workout using these movements or any of the 9000 other movements that it’s designed for!


  • Lunge + Cut: 5 lengths (30s rest)
  • Burpee + Row: 5 rounds – 30 seconds for maximum reps (30s rest)
  • Russian Twist: 5 rounds – 20 seconds for maximum reps (40s rest)
  • Plank Pass-Under: 8 rounds – 20 seconds for maximum reps (40s rest)

There are a whole bunch of ViPR core exercises you could incorporate, but all four of these exercises show off different applications – from training rotation to challenging stability! Hit the exercise library linked above if you’re looking for more inspiration or want to check out other ViPR exercises for weight loss and core strength.



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