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The 5 Biggest Benefits Of Group Exercise

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There’s no avoiding the fact that sometimes, exercise can be a bit of a slog – especially if you’re just starting a fitness routine and are lacking a little motivation. Going for a run in freezing temperatures on a long, dark winter’s night isn’t appealing, and can often spell an end to a fitness push after a little while.

However, surely the solution to solo exercise is obvious – join a group! In this post, we’ll reveal the many benefits to a group workout – some less well known than you’d think.


To kick things off, here’s an obvious one: if you’re going through a hellish workout or a patience-sapping long run, it helps to have people going through the same thing surrounding you. With this, there’s always going to be somebody to give you a little pep talk if you’re struggling, as well as plenty of conversation opportunities to take your mind off whatever you’re doing.

This group camaraderie can improve your chances of sticking with your exercise regime, as the support of your peers will be enough to keep you returning to your workout class week after week.


Let’s face it – it’s very easy to cut corners if you’re following a predetermined workout pattern by yourself. Whether it’s an old-school fitness DVD or instructions coming from your smartphone, it’s very simple to just not do what the virtual instructor is telling you to do.

In a group exercise class, it’s a lot easier to follow along with instructions when they’re being directly told to you, and there’s a class of people around you following them. This structured approach is part of the reason why functional training programmes such as PACK45 are so popular here at easyGym – you’ll run with the ‘pack’ instead of slacking on your own, and you may well surprise yourself in the process.


If you work out alone, you won’t ever know when you’re making a mistake or doing something in an improper and dangerous way. An experienced personal trainer leading a session can nip this in the bud, as they’ll be able to see if and when you’re making a mistake and guide you towards the best way to exercise.

This kind of supervision turns every class into a learning experience as well as a calorie burning session – putting you on the path towards more effective workouts in the future.


Taking PACK45 as an example, there are several different exercise types utilising various different pieces of equipment. This curated variety is part of the reason people sign up and keep signing up to eclectic classes, and theoretically, the variety is endless.

You could be packing up your cycling equipment one week for a group ride up a local hill and getting set for some gym-based circuit training the next – as they say, variety is the spice of life!


All of the above points contribute to this final aspect: the fact that your fitness will improve if you stick to a regular group fitness plan. The camaraderie, combined with the structure and a variety of activities carried out using the proper technique will help you achieve whatever fitness goal you set.

It really can be that easy…

Author bio:
Alex Jones is a feature writer for Start Fitness – providers of running, cycling, gym, football and outdoor products.



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