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Meet Kara, Our November Gym Hero

gym hero

Kara is a member of our gym in Birmingham City Centre and was nominated by her friend Stefan. Kara started her fitness journey about four years ago and topped the scales at 230kg. Today she stands proud at 113.2kg – a totally amazing loss of over 100kgs!

After being sick and tired of body confidence issues, Kara decided enough was enough and started training at easyGym. She lost some weight but sadly her grand father died. This put her off track and as a result Kara gained a further four stone.

But this was just a bump in the road along her fitness journey. Kara picked herself back up and rejoined easyGym. Through the support of staff and friends she trained hard and smashed her level 2 fitness. Now she’s going for level 3!

Kara wants to become a PT to demonstrate to people that being fit doesn’t mean you have to be stick thin and anybody can achieve fitness.

All this has been done while Kara has been learning to cope with grand mal epilepsy and a sight disorder called keratoconus. Both of which she really talks about as she’d rather be recognised for her achievements over her disabilities.

Well done Kara. You’re story is truly inspirational – we really appreciate you sharing it with us, and we’re sure our members do too.

We want to hear more moving stories of everyday Gym Heroes. If you or someone you’ve witnessed has achieved greatness, overcome immense challenges or gone above and beyond to help others achieve their goals then we want to hear about it. There’s a free 6 month membership in it for the winner. Nominate here!



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