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How To Dress For Your Goal Weight

Making sure a New Year’s resolution sticks is important, as so many of us abandon them in the first few weeks of the year. If yours involves getting fit and shedding some pounds in 2019, you may want to overhaul your wardrobe to fit your new size and shape.

However, this can be fraught with potential problems, so, in this post, we’re providing a one-stop guide to approaching this new era in your style journey.


The first thing to think about with regards to your goal weight is how you’ll reach that destination. Whether it’s a structured diet plan, a 5+2 fasting schedule or perhaps some PACK45 Whatever Intensity Interval Training. Finding a plan that fits your needs perfectly can be a process of trial and error, so don’t fret if you’ve not found an ideal routine in the first few weeks of January.

Once you’ve settled upon your preferred health and fitness regime, then you should start looking towards the next step – your wardrobe.


In the first few weeks of a new diet plan, you might find yourself losing weight quickly and swiftly drawing up plans for a clothing overhaul for 2019. However, you should exercise caution on this front, as you won’t be sure where your diet will take you – and there’s nothing worse than purchasing a svelte new dress or suave new shirt and not being able to fit into it no matter how much you sweat in the gym.

Once you’ve decided on your goal weight or clothing size, then you can begin shopping for your ideal post weight-loss wardrobe.


Buying a high-quality pair of men’s jeans or a gorgeous designer dress could be a major form of motivation for you to get down to your goal weight. It’s a common way of firing up gym goers to go that extra mile on their workout – but it isn’t for everyone.

Weight can fluctuate during a diet process – that’s entirely natural. Such fluctuations can mean that your new dress or pair of jeans just isn’t a feasible outfit choice – a major demotivational factor. Instead of doing this, you could put some money aside for once you’ve completed your diet and exercise regime, so you can buy yourself a high-quality item that you know will fit.


Dieting can be stressful, so our final point revolves around making time for yourself during what can be a period of upheaval and physical exertion. Ultimately, you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself – so you should use your own creativity when it comes to curating a ‘goal weight wardrobe’ – buy clothes you know you’ll like and feel confident in, no matter what your size will be.

Whatever your goals for the new year, getting fit and healthy in both mind and body should form the backbone of your plans. Everything else, including fashion, should come after body-based happiness and a positive mental attitude.

Author bio:

Luke Conod is Managing Director of Buy Jeans and its parent company Denim Nation, providing competitively priced men’s jeans and other high-quality clothing from leading international labels.



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