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Consistency Killed the Fat

consistency killed the fat

If you’re about to embark on a new diet or eating regime, but can’t see yourself sticking to it in a few months time, then it’s probably not a good idea.

When people say ‘diet’ they automatically think ‘short term’ or ‘quick fix’. January is a great example of this. People try to undo months, years or even a lifetime of poor nutrition and lifestyle choices in just 31 days. Eh?! You don’t take a car to a destruction derby and expect your mechanic to give it back brand spanking new do you?

They’ll smash two hours of morning cardio, followed by Special K for breakfast, a carrot stick for lunch and a banana skin for dinner, then top it all off with three spin classes. This’ll last for two weeks and then they give up – shattered, angry and will unfortunately revert to their old habits.


For most people, dramatic lifestyle changes won’t work in the long run as they’re too far removed from their day-to-day lives. Moving from zero exercise to five or six hours of high intensity gym work will probably kill you. You need to walk before you can run – never mind sprint!

Small, manageable changes you can carry out consistently will yield more sustainable results than a quick fix programme ever will. Even if you do survive your 21 day detox – the results you achieve won’t last very long.

At the end of day, you want to improve your health and appearance for a lifetime – not just January or four weeks before you go on holiday. People tend to rush these goals or make them unrealistic, then they quit because they don’t see the results they want. Some people would scoff at losing half a pound a week, especially after reading about a Made in Chelsea star who lost 10lbs in a week by eating nothing but dust and tic tacs. But think of it this way – half a pound a week is 2lbs a month, that’s 24lbs a year which is nothing to be sniffed at. When was the last time you heard of someone dropping 24lbs?

Set yourself a long term target and break it down into smaller more manageable ones. The thought of losing 24lbs might be intimidating and feel like a million miles away. But break that down into those half pound a week or 2lbs a month targets and suddenly it’s much more attainable.

All that being said, don’t stress so much about weight loss. Too many people put too much emphasis on what they weigh and not their body composition. All too often I get clients in their four week assessment full of beans – they’ve trained hard four times a week, drank plenty of water, not messed up their nutrition, clothes are feeling looser, looking better in the mirror, feeling more energetic, improved sleep – then they step on the scales and boom, no weight loss!

In that one second the last four weeks of hard work comes crashing down to nothing. Instead of celebrating the fact they’ve eaten and exercised consistently for four weeks, all they can focus on is the number on the scale. This is the point when most people will think ‘what the hell is the point?’ The point is you’ve had four weeks of building excellent habits and performing them consistently and these habits will lead to fantastic results.

Most people will think they’re following a plan or eating well but look a little closer and they’re eating well Monday to Friday lunch time, then all hell breaks loose Friday night. All of a sudden you’ve gone from eating well all week to eating well for four days and junk for three. So it’s actually more of a 50/50 split. People will go to the gym full of beans and motivation on a Monday only to have that tail off by Thursday and then ‘’I’ll start again on Monday…’’


Consistency is key to getting the results you desire and the results you deserve. Perform these actions day in, day out with consistency and you will reap the rewards. There will be slip ups along the way but you just get back to it as soon as you can, back on the path to your goal.

The scales will never tell the true story – take photo’s and measurements, track your training and keep a food diary. What gets measured, gets managed. If you’re eating better then results will come!



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