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5 Top Back Exercises to Try Out

Are you someone who suffers from back pain? Then you will likely know just how uncomfortable back pain can be. It’s often among the most common problems that we can suffer from, often caused by wear and tear in our careers or our lifestyles. For example, someone who works in landscaping is as likely to have some back problems as someone who works at a PC all day.

Working on your back to make it stronger and less resistant to wear and tear, then is always a good recommendation. If you want to start improving back strength, then we recommend that you try out some of the following exercises. They are all designed to help make sure that you can improve physical conditioning and make sure that day-to-day back pain can become a thing of the past.

Many of us put up with needless back pain when we could simply work on our backs to solve it. Not only will getting a stronger back be good from a health perspective, but you should feel it makes other workouts easier. A strong core will allow you to work without the same limitations when doing anything from a push-up to a bench press.

So, if you are looking to get into better shape, don’t discount the importance of working on those back muscles and getting them feeling nice and strong. Trust us – the benefits from doing so will far outweigh any potential risks in aggravating injury!


A fine choice to work with on making sure your body can feel better is to work with a single dumbbell. All you need to do is find a bench, and then place the dumbbell on the ground next to the bench. Put all of your weight onto your opposite knee and hand, and then use that weighted side of the body to lean down on the bench.

At this point, you should bend yourself at the hips, keeping the back straight, and then pick up the dumbbell with your free hand. Pull the dumbbell up to the side of the torso without using your shoulders or adjusting balance.

Do this once, put the dumbbell back down and then repeat. It’s a good workout solution that will work both the arm muscles and help to work out the back – it’s not one many people will use, but it’s hugely effective.


Another fine choice, but with a bit more work needed, is that of the barbell deadlift. This works more than the back, but it’s great for those core muscle groups. You will soon feel the improvement in your workout conditioning as soon as you get this right – though we recommend working with a pro to get this right until you can do it without assistance.

You can start off slow, simply doing the deadlift program to help make sure you can work on both strength and cardio at once. Again, work with someone who can help you to keep note and you should have much less difficulty learning and benefitting from this.

Your back will get a lot of hard work from this, too, and it is sure to make it much easier for you to enjoy the overall strength of your back improving long-term.


So very useful for building up back muscle, you will feel the burn with this and then some. You will get to enjoy the whole workout, though, and you will find that you get to really work on the shoulder muscles as much as anything else when you do this. All you need to do here is to hold on to the bar, and then lift yourself by pulling your shoulder blades downward and then in towards one another prior to really pulling yourself.

Get that locked in, and you will soon feel and see the results overall. Your body will get a huge amount of work from it, and this is one that you might struggle with before you build up significant arm strength. Overall, though, the wide gripped arm pull-up is among the most useful starting spots for making sure you can work your back.


If you can get hold of a rowing machine, then you will find this is an amazing workout routine. It will really work the biceps, and it will make sure that you can quickly feel the body changing as you go through this on a regular basis. It will allow you to get used to pulling a large weight, too, as it will help you to get used to simply managing the weight instead of trying to balance it as you might with other workout programs.

Simply start off by bending over to a 45-degree angle, and use your hips and knees to try and help really get your back into the workout. It’s a fun and exciting way to work on the body, especially if your main problem is that you want to try and get your back muscles into a better state of conditioning.


By using a workout bench and a dumbbell weight, you could really work on your back with a lot of ease here. All that you will need to do is get on the workout bench, set it for a decline and then start to move the dumbbell as you would normally. The reason that you should use a bench with a recline is that the decline means you undergo a more strenuous, lengthy motion as you move the dumbbell.

This works some key muscle groups, and is going to be great for making sure you can really work on the quality of your back muscles. So long as you can clear your head with the dumbbell and put it back down without hitting yourself, then you can do this one and more than feel the benefits as you do so, really reaping those lasting rewards overall.

Looking for more back exercises and other exercises for your next gym visit? Gym Hut have prepared the infographic titled “55 Exercises You Should Try”.



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